Inaugural Post – Frites ‘n’ Meats!

I’ve been having lunch in midtown for the better part of 10 years. Recently however, as I am sure many of you have also seen, there has been an explosion of food carts and trucks. There is almost a cart/truck for every cuisine imaginable. And if there is a cuisine that doesn’t have one, then maybe you should team up with someone and start it because food truck/cart mania has hit NYC…its here and I love it!

So with all that being said, here is my attempt to bring you the sights, costs and feel for the food that these carts and trucks are bringing you! Now keep in mind, some of these carts I may have eaten from in the past so in those instances I may compare and contrast some of their selections based on prior experiences. In all cases I will basically try to share some pics, tell you what I had along with prices and what the overall experience was.

My first entry takes me to a “health conscious” cart,  and that is if you actually want to  believe that any of these carts can be are health consious!  I walked over today to Frites ‘n’ Meats who was parked on 52nd street b/w Park and Lexington Avenues.  For locations and specials, they can be followed on Twitter @Frites’n’Meats .

I actually have visited these guys once before. Their motto is “Saving the world one burger at a time”. How does somebody save the world with a burger? Well by only serving meat from grass fed cows…there, you now have a health conscious cart! LOL

Previously I had gotten the wagyu American Kobe burger ($7.50). I did so because I have never had kobe beef so I said why not have a kobe burger? Today I got the less expensive grass fed beef angus burger ($5.50). I have to tell you, the angus burger tasted much better! Both were tender but to me the angus had more flavor. I will admit it wasn’t hot off the grill…maybe it was sitting there pre-cooked for a while?  Topped the burger, with cheddar cheese, greens, onions and applewood bacon.  Had to get their fries of course . FYI, if you think you’re getting something special because you are ordering Handcut double fried belgian frites, hold your breath. You’re not getting anything special, they’re just golden fries. 

All in all Frites n Meats makes an excellent burger, although I thought the Angus tasted better than the Kobe! Their ordering process adds a little fun as you get to fill out a small card with what you want and write your name on it. I always like to have fun and write a name that isn’t mine of course just to hear them say it…LOL  Enjoy my friends!

The truck and food type: Frites n Meats  (burgers and fries)

The goods and the price: $5.50 Beef Fed Angus Burger / $0.75 for cheddar cheese / $0.75 Applewood bacon / $3.00 for french fries
Total Spent – $10.00

The pics:


Frites and Meats Angus Burger and Fries


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