Mexicue – Was It Worth The Wait?

I arrived today at 12:37 at the Mexicue Truck after walking to 40th and 6th avenue from 50th & 6th ave, to find a line about 20 people long. Who cares, nice day out, boss out for the week and I’m flying solo today…I’m waiting this out! Menu is small but yet seems like it packs alot – tacos and sliders. Got my order finally at 1:16. Do the math…for the lazy ones or the kids that haven’t done adding subtracting time in math yet, thats almost 40 minutes!! But remember, nice day, boss out and flying solo!


I ordered the short rib taco ($4)and the pulled pork slider ($3). Here is a picture of what I got:

The short rib taco was excellent. The salsa verde and the aged white cheddar combine well to give it a strong taste. The short rib was very tender and was basically shredded meat…think Ropa Vieja ala cuban cuisine. All of this wrapped in a nice warm tortilla. I mention warm because you have no idea how many times I’ve gotten a tortilla at Qdoba that wasn’t warm!

The pulled pork slider wasn’t as top notch as the taco but it was still very tasty. One bite I would get awaken by arbol BBQ sauce and the next bite the guacamole was saying hello to my taste buds. Did I mention the chopped onions made a nice cameo appearance as well? Don’t get me wrong all of this was very good…but I didn’t get to taste much of the pulled pork. But this is Mexican not southern style BBQ…so I guess that’s ok!

The Final Verdict: Food was excellent, I will say that! I would visit again and be prepared for a similar wait but they would have to be located somewhere a little closer to where I am. Mexicue is delicous mexican food although its portions might leave you a bit hungry. My suggestion would be to spend the $10 or $11 and get three different menu items.

The Truck And Food Type: Mexicue – Mexican cuisine
The Goods and Price: $4.00 for short rib taco & $3.00 for pulled pork slider
Total Spent: $7.00

More Pics Of Mexicue including their menu!



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