Eddie’s Pizza – Thin Crust Kings!

I will start out by saying that I had been to Eddie’s Pizza Truck once before today and it was a rainy day. Walked up to the truck and I had my pizza in 5 minutes today with a big smile to boot. Today…the plot changed just a tiny bit!

I knew something was up when I walked up and saw no line.

Figured maybe its too hot out for people? I had my eyes set on their special – The Chicken & Garlic pie but was greeted with a disclaimer that it was a 40 minute wait and they could call me when my pizza was ready. They were slammed today by a huge corporate order that had them backed up a bit. Hmmmm..lucky for them I work a block and a half away soooo….gimme one of those chicken and garlic specials and a side of sweet potato gnochi please!!

Surprise…got the call only 20 minutes later! Gooooo Eddie’s!!
The pizza was very tasty. Their trademark is thin crust 10 inch pies where the crust is RAZOR thin and very crunchy most of the way through. This special had lots of garlic and I love garlic!! The garlic could have been spread out a bit better…it was situated more toward the middle of the 10 inch pie. I was hoping for grilled chicken but I got chopped up breaded chicken instead. Theres just something about grilled chicken that I feeel goes on pizza better. Here’s the pizza:

The sweet potato gnochi were a pleasant surprise…about 30 deep fried balls the size of a gum ball each stuffed with sweet potato and sprinkled with sugar on the outside. VERY tasty and surprisingly a nice compliment with the pizza. More than enough to fill you up with the pizza as well! I admit to not being a sweet potato fan but this was actually very good!
Here’s a picture of a few of them…this is only about half the order:

All in all Eddie’s is doing thin crust pizza right! Plus they recognize a wait for the customer and go the extra mile by calling you. Let’s thinkg about it my friends, they could make you wait in the heat! Oh yeah…and their pizza rocks!

Truck and Food Type: Eddie’s Pizza – thin crust pizza and sides
The goods and price: $11.00 for their special pizza of the day (Chicken and garlic) deal, and a choice of sides- sweet potato gnochi, chocolate chip cookies or side salad AND a can of soda/water!
Total Spent– $11.00

Here is their menu:

More pics of Eddie’s Truck:


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