Souvlaki Truck Already Ruffling Some Feathers!

As I have always said, there is plenty of room for another truck in NYC. Which is why I have no clue why people continue to get ticked off at trucks when they arrive. This is NYC…we want choices and variety when it comes to our food. Thanks to a tweet from the Souvlaki truck themselves, they gave us a heads up on what went down yesterday when they parked in Union Square. Seems as if the hot dog vendors they parked along side didn’t take too well to their new neighbors? What do you think…too close for comfort?


You can read more about the confrontation as well as see more pics here on


One Response

  1. As an eye witness who was there BEFORE it all went down…the truck was there first, and THEN the (not pretzl guys) “shishkebab” guys showed up ..en masse, with a posse, banging their tongs and yelling… Their goal? Not to sell food and provide for the citizens, but to create a scene. It was gross, actually. The halal guys had occupied a spot ACROSS 14th street on University, which is practically a different neighborhood.

    Souvlaki Truck is a group of about the most considerate folks you will meet, who did not say a word while the whole drama unfolded.

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