Ms Softee – The Experience!

What better way to get a pick me up on a hot summer afternoon that with an ice cream cone right? But the summer is almost over and you’ve probably downed your share of cones right? But have you had a Ms. Softee cone?
Chrissy was parked over on the corner of 44th street and 6th avenue today and I decided it was time to go over and have some dessert since I haven’t really had any all week. I was fortunate enough to find no line and quickly found out that Ms. Softee not only serves up a good ice cream cone but some top notch conversation!
She gave me the run down of her specials cappuccino cone, oatmeal cookies, crushed potato chip chocolate dip, frosted flakes and cinnamon buns to name a few. I was torn between the frosted flakes cone and the Cinnamon Bun special. I let her decide and she chose the Cinnamon Bun special. As she went to work, she didn’t miss a beat charm wise…here she is posing and working at the same time:

Once it’s all said and done here is today’s special Cinnamon Bun Cone speical:

If you’r not sure if this is for you all I have to say is think your favorite soft serve ice cream and think your favorite Cinna-Bun shop from the mall…stop…now mix them together. Pretty exciting right?
She was also nice enough to give me a sample of her Potato chip chocolate dip, which is Vanilla & Chocolate swirl dipped in chocolate and topped with crushed potato chips. I have to admit, it was new to me at first bite…but once I took a couple of bites it was ice cream bliss!

The Verdict: Ms. Softee (AKA Chrissy) is a winner! Its people like this that give you yet another reason to hate winter! There are only a handful of weeks left of warm weather, I have to go back and try some of her other flavors! I wanted to mention one other thing as a testament to her personality. She mentioned to me that QBA Truck had been down the block and how she was giving them pointers about the streets in midtown and which are the best to park on. To me, that’s what food vendors should be all about…comradery and trying to help each other out! There is enough room for everybody! Way to go Ms Softee!

Truck and Food Type: Ms Softee – Soft Serve Ice cream (44th st & 6th ave)
The goods and price: $4.00 for the special of the day
Total Spent– $4.00 – not your typical Mr. softee price…but remember, this is not jsut Softee ice cream…its an experience!


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