Thursday Lunch An “Eggstravaganza”!

If you’re looking for today’s cart lineup, click here to go to that post.

Today was a perfect example of why I love to venture out in search of food trucks and carts. I went out with my taste buds some what set on NYCcravings today and sumbled upon a truck I had never seen before. Uncle Gussy’s truck definitely caught my eye…but mostly because I didn’t know they had a truck. I thought they were only a cart. But enough about them…we will get to them another day. I start making my way toward’s 53rd & park and I get consumed by the smell of a little cart on the corner next to I believe it was Rafiqui’s. Hey wait a minute…that’s Eggstravaganza!


The picture of their carne asada tacos looked delicous…he had 4 people ordering up…one of them a pretty big order. Whooaaa’…wait a minute..that says $2.50 a taco. Do I really want Taiwanese Chicken today?
“Two carne asada tacos please with hot sauce”. $5 later, its back to my office. Can’t believe I got hijacked by Eggstravaganza! LOL

I wil just say thank god for the Guacamole and onions because the carne asada itself was somewhat bland. There was alot of beef in these tacos and they did fill me up with the help of a bag of cool ranch doritos (courtesy of the vending machine on my floor). The hot sauce to me tasted like simple goya hot sauce. Nothing special.

The Verdict: All in all the tacos were good, not great. But if I am ever in the mood for street tacos and I only have $5 in my pocket I would definitely pay them a visit. If I happen to have $10 in my pocket and in the mood for Mexican then its off to Mexicue.

Truck and Food Type: Eggstravaganza Food Cart – Mexican quesadillas and omelettes on 52nd street and Park Avenue.
The goods and price: $2.50 each for their carne asada tacos!
Total Spent- $5.00 (NICE BARGAIN!)


2 Responses

  1. […] but they just don’t come to midtown as often for me to become infatuated with them. For me Eggstravaganza still quenches my taco thirst in midtown..although I do have to go see El Rey Del Sabor […]

  2. […] to hit the streets and a bagel was not going to do! I had to go find a food truck! I recall on my previous visits to Eggstravaganza that their breakfast menu looked pretty good! Of course their lunch is excellent…would they […]

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