Good Morning Waffles & Dinges Style!

Everyone is talking about hurricane Earl. Ok..maybe people aren’t talking about it but they are sure using it as an excuse to cut out of work early on Friday that is if they even make it in at all. Your’s truly has become a hurricane expert in hopes of leaving before the skies open up!
With that being said, lunch was up in the air today! But I had to get my cart/truck fix for the day! So I figured to lock that fix in, it was time to go grab a breakfast waffle with the Belgian Dinges legends AKA Waffles & Dinges
Midtown was relatively empty today and so I didn’t expect to find a line. As a matter of fact from my morning messages I was finding that alot of vendors weren’t even coming in. Fortunately for me I walked right up and order my waffle.
I went with the Belgian classic with Strawberries and Spekuloos spread. My co-worker who went for the first time only went with bananas. The cart was relatively lively as music was playing, the TV was going and they had a fun poll on the chalk board trying to decide who the best video game character was. Of course I chose Mario!
Back to the Waffles! Of course as yo uwould expect all of their waffles were made nice and fresh and warm. When we were there they took off a nice sheet right off the griddle…the smell was to die for:
The strawberries and spekuloos mixed very well. Spekuloos is a spread similar to nutella that has a graham cracker taste. Well technically, its a shortbread cookie from Belgium made up of butter, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, cardamom and cloves…yes I had to research what the heck Spekuloos was after trying it! The waffle itself was jsut heaven…very soft and fluffy and of course nice and warm. Very sweeet tasting and the whole experience was jsut something I had to do again. Next time though I think I will go all out and get the unlimited topping waffle!

The Verdict:
Best waffle I have ever had! My hometown diner staked that claim…sorry guys, not anymore! I used to do bagels on Friday, maybe not anymore if these guys are around on Friday mornings! Advice, get crazy with your waffle. The truck itself is a fun truck that just happens to spit out awesome tasting Belgian Waffles!

Truck and Food Type: Waffles & Dinges (Belgian style waffles)
The goods and price: $5.00 for the waffle, first add on is free, (strawberries for me) second add on is always $1.00 (spekuloos for me)
Total Spent- $6.00 – Hey perfection costs a little more!


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