Thursday Lunch – Schnitzel N Things!

I was waiting for these guys to come back from vacation and finally come back to midtown. Today was the day finally! I had visited the Schnitzel N Things truck once before and I was very pleased not just with the portion that they served me up but also by the quality of their food. Hence why I really wanted to go back and try some more!


Previously I had ordered their pork Schniz platter with Austrian potato salad and Yukon gold french fries. Yes I know, double the potato portion? I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the Austrian salad so I got the fries as well. Guess what, loved both!

Today I went for the sandwhich – Chicken Shniz with the Pesto Mayo sauce on a toasty ciabatta roll. Once again, these guys delivered the good! For $8 I received a very good sized sandwhich with some very tasty chicken schniz topped by their Pesto Mayo, and lettuce and tomatoes. Very filling and very tasty. Their mayo was not overwhelming and was the perfect compliment to the sandwhich!


As an added bonus for me, PBS was taping some coverage of the truck for a piece in their weekly show In The Know. Yours truly was asked a couple of questions about street vendors in general. Their questions general questions and none specific to the Shnitzel truck. They asked me why do I go to street vendors and do I think more restaurants should put out mobile trucks. My answer of course is that I love street vendor food – always fresh and always tasty. Plus there are many restaurants that I would not be able to reach at lunch. For example Eddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park LI, Jamaican Dutchy in Jamaica Queens, QBA Cuban in New Jersey..I don’t think my boss would let me hike to those locations. Hence – that’s the power of street vendors! Segment is schedule to air on October 1. 2010.


Truck and Food Type: Schnitzel N Things – Austrian Cuisine (52nd Street b/w 6th and 7th aves)
The goods and price: Chicken Schnitzel Sandwhich with Pesto Mayo- $8.00
Total Spent- $8.00 – Great sandwhich at a great price…fills you up without over-stuffing you!


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