Calexico Carne Asada – Tops In Mexican Street Food

I visited their cart on the corner of Prince and Wooster streets because much has been said about their food. Its tough for me to get there since I work in midtown but I finally realized that its only 4 blocks from Brdway Lafayette on the B,D & F lines so I finally took the plunge and went for a long walk to get me a mexican fix!
When I got there they had a line of about 15-20 people. The guy working the order line wiped that line out in less than 5 mintues but then proceeded to tell me it was a 30 minute wait! Oh well…nothing like checking out the scene in Soho especially when ur trapped in midtown all week! Plus, its fashion week so everyone is looking extra glamorous today for some

Their grill is stacked with meat and the three guys keep the food moving. I got their two taco platter where I chose their signature carne asada taco and their special Puerco Verde taco with tangy jalapeno salsa, topped with Pico and sour cream. Got some rice and black beans as part of the platter all for a decent price of 9 bucks. Here’s what it looked like:
I like their process I will say that. They take down like 10-15 orders, put them in to prepare and then let the line form again. You pay once your food is ready. Based on the wait some people just go out and shop and come back and get their food. The guys working the grill are like machines…they are really movin while bopping to the beat of their small little boom box. It all created a great vibe and smell on the corner of Prince and Wooster!
So I am sure you are wondering how was the food. I had tried Mexicue and Eggstravaganza already and I will just say that those two don’t even come close to Calexico. Sorry guys.
The carne asada was really it was. The flavor in this taco was amazing. I compare it to eating a nice piece of tenderloin at your favorite Brazilian steak house. Its very well seasoned and tender and the meat has a little bit of bite but definitely not overhwhelming. their Puerco Verde was essentially pulled pork with a spicy jalapeno sauce. The taco was not as good as the carne asada but still very tender, spicy and tasty. The tacos were wrapped in two flour tortillas and when getting the combo, its placed in a platter with rice and black beans. The fact that they are combined with the rice and beans keeps everything nice and warm. I travelled for about 15 minutes after I got my food and when I ate it, it was still nice and warm. The rice and beans were nothing special but its a nice add in to complete the meal for $9.00
Here ‘s a look at their menu to see what else they offer:


Truck and Food Type: Calexico Mexican Carne Asada
The goods: Two Taco meal (Carne Asada & Puerco Verde) with yellow rice and black beans v
Total Spent- $9.00 – Mexican is usually cheap so I have mixed feeling as to whether this was a good deal. There definitely is enough food here and the taste is simply amazing!


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