Schnitzing At The Office Is Highly Recommended!

Apart from other things you should do at the office, I am highly recommending Schnitzing at the office. And if you’re going to do it, then do it wit the door closed so nobody knows what you have for lunch today! Don’t you just hate it when you’re enjoying a really good lunch and everyone stops by with the usual “Whatcha got there”? How many times I have felt like saying…its my lunch dummy now go away!

If you visit the Schnitzel Truck I recommend getting a platter, sitting down and enjoying it solo! The platter that I got was truly exploding with flavor. I decided to get the Chicken Schnitzel with cucumber salad and french fries. Right away when you take the lid off, you know you’re in for a good time. Just looking at the schnitzel alone is worth it!
Aside from Chicken they also offer pork schnitzel and cod schnitzel all of them though will look like this:

The chicken is obviously thin as is the trademark of Schnitzel – pounded meat. I never squeezed lemon on my chicken cutlet before but I figured what the heck? The lemon went very well with the bread crumbs as I was afraid they would get soggy. They didn’t and it enhanced the flavor of the chicken!
The french fries are tasty…not too much salt and not too greasy. I decided to also get the cucumber salad with their spicy sriracha sauce. At first taste I thought the cucumber salad was a bit bland but after dipping it in the sriracha sauce this capped off my flavor experience!
Its no wonder why these guys are up for a Vendy Award nomination this year! They have already won the rookie of the year award and this year they are going for the big prize! For $10 I am not sure that many vendors in NYC pack in as much food as these guys do. Hence yet another reason to check these guys out. We will see what how these guys do at the Vendys!

In a perfect world, I am sure everyone would love the Schnitzel truck…apparently though, not everyone does, like this lady who gave the truck a fine as we were waiting for our food…yours truly booed her as she wrote the ticket!


Hey, they’ve sold many a Schnitzel, I am sure this fine is a drop in the bucket for these guys!

Remember…Shnitzing with the door closed at work is highly recommended!

Truck and Food Type: Schitzel Truck – Austrian Schnitzel & Sides
The goods: Chicken Schnitzel with cucumber salad, french fries and a spicy sriracha sauce
Total Spent– $10.00 – for the platter or $8.00 if you just want the Schnitzel sandwhich without sides


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