Giving Papa Perrone His Respect!

There is no doubt about it that the United Nations has messed up the rotation for many trucks this week. For the most part, I’ve dealt with the inconvenience and even went back and at at a storefront yesterday (WOW!). But the UN shuffle led to a show down today between Eddie’s Pizza & Papa Perrone’s!
I was alerted to the showdown when Papa Perrone sent around a tweet this morning about the streets being a tough place to operate since no one gives Papa Perrone respect. He meat that Eddie’s Pizza truck shouldn’t be parking right next to him. I read this and thought…ha..respect? Eddie’s is a top notch truck…they can go anywhere’s they want! Then I thought to myself…I never tried Papa Perrone’s…maybe its time?
Today was the day so off I was to 55th street b/w Madison & Park AVe! Found Papa Perrone right next to Eddie’s as advertised!
I had actually seen a previous twitter message from Papa Perrone about their sausage and peppers so I went for a hero on garlic bread. I’ve never been offered my choice of bread when ordering a sausage & pepper hero so I had to choose the garlic bread! I wasn’t 100% sure if they sandwhich would be enough so I got a sicilian rice ball thinking it was small like your local pizzeria. Boy did I have my hands full when I got back to the office!
The Sausage & Peppers:

The MASSIVE rice ball!!

As I said before, clearly I was in over my head here food wise. I sampled a couple of forks full of the rice ball and decided to leave it for my wife. She claims I eat like a king at lunch and never share! The rice ball other than being huge in size packed huge flavor. The sauce was not watery at all which allowed you to taste the meat which was excellent!
The sausage and peppers hero was one of the best S&P heros I have ever had. I know the garlic bread had something to do with it but the onions and peppers were fresh which definitely helped! All in all, I was stuffed with just the sandwhich! Their menu is also pretty impressive. Here’s a snapshot of what their menu was today:
If Papa Perrone wanted respect…guess what…he got it from me today. If you haven’ve visited him yet…I think you should. I am intrigued to try the grandma pizza and just might do so tomorrow! If the grandma slice is anywhere near decent, I am going to have to say Papa Perrone’s has an edge on Eddie’s Pizza just based on selection! Let’s see what the pizza tastes like!
Truck and Food Type: Papa Perrone – Italian Food
The goods: Sausage & Peppers hero with onions and peppers on fresh garlic bread. Sicilian rice ball on the side (could be a meal in itself!)
Total Spent- $11.00 – $7 for the sandwhich / $4 for the riceball…great deal for the amount and quality!


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