New Food Trucks Added To Our Lineup!

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting their annual descent to the ground…but that in no way means that eating at your favorite food trucks and carts in NYC is about to stop. Actually, its about to pick up some!
The Daily News today reported that there are three new food trucks that are about to invade the streets of NY

Malaysian Kitchen is about to take their menu to the streets in a very sharp and nice looking Malaysian Kitchen Truck:
Currently they are bouncing around Manhattan giving out free samples of their cuisine. We will give you their daily update going forward as part of our daily lineup which if you didn’t know, gives you the location NYCs finest food trucks and carts on a daily basis! Today they ar eslated for Madison Ave & 26th street. Check back on our site by 11:00AM to confirm that on our daily lineup! You can check out their menu and their restaurant locations on their website

Also ready to hit the streets of NY is Korilla BBQ! I personally am anxious to try their Korean Tacos! We will be adding their location to our daily lineup as well! Rumor has it that they are looking to start serving by Bryant Park but that of course is never final until you actually see them parked and with some customers by Bryant Park! Their lunch service is slated to start on Monday…stay tuned and hungry! In the meantime, check out the rave review that our friend over at Midtown Lunch gave them at a public lunch party that Korilla had last night. Man, wish I was following their twitter earlier!!

Finally not to be outdone by MAlaysian Kitched or Korilla BBQ is Taim Falafel. .
I’ve never personally been to their falafel and smoothie establishment in the village, but hopefully their truck will bring some of that goodness to me and everyone else around the city via truck! Depending on where you look, some sites and blogs have rated their falafel as best in NYC! That’s a big claim! Can they duplicate that claim out of a truck as well We will see…their mobile service is slated to start first week of November. Of course, we will be tracking their location too on our Lineup!

As I said in the beginning, fall WILL NOT spell a slow down in truck and cart dining…here’s to hoping it only gets bigger and bigger!


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