What’s For Lunch? Papa Perrone!

Between being swamped with work recently and horrendous weather, its all kept me from doing what I love best – visiting NYC trucks and carts for lunch! Its time I get back in the saddle and get around to visiting everyone and getting back to my original mantry of “Truck and carts rain or shine!”.

Today I decided to hit the streets and go back to one of my favorite trucks out there – helllooooooo Papa Perrone! .
Ok, so I will start by admitting that I broke my number one rule on return visits. There is nothing against going back to a truck or cart…but I feel that if you do, try something different (unless of course there is no variety at the truck)! I wrote my initial review on Papa Perrone’s a few weeks back and I loved his sausage and peppers. I also raved about his rice balls…then again, it seems like everyone else does too!

So of course today, I once again got the sausage and peppers! This time I did all hot sausage and left out the sweet ones. Once again, a smashing success! The sandwhich came loaded with red peppers and onions. The one thing that it was missing was that I forgot to tell him to put it on garlic bread. Believe it or not the sandwhich was missing that extra flavor which must have come from the garlic last time. Still, this sandwhich rocks and for $7.00 ($8.00 with garlic bread) you cannot go wrong!

Also, in a shameless effort to redeem myself from my repeat mistake, I ordered a grandma slice (pictured below) for an extra $2.75.
I would’ve been clear sailing if I would’ve stopped at the sandwhich but having the slice did leave me pretty stuffed and happy. Now, about the slice. I’ll start by saying, I’m not Italian. I only know about Italian food based on what I eat. I’ve always though a grandma slice automatically meant garlic explosion in your mouth and get ready to taste this for a couple of days. But Papa’s grandma slice had no trace of garlic. I was a bit disapointed…was I supposed to load it up with garlic powder? But there are a couple of positive points on the slice. 1 – Its a pretty long and big slice. I will say though that its not a meal. 2- I’ve never had a slice where the crust was thick and yet crispy!!?? Eddie’s Pizza and most flat breads pack a mean crunch, but this grandma slice gives them a run for their money. How does he do it??

Next time I visit, its all about the balls…rice balls or meatballs that is!
I’ll leave you with a shot of today’s sausage and pepper madness!


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