What’s For Lunch? La Cense Beef (LCB) Burgers!

Yes I know, two lunches in one day! Keep in mind, the Malaysian truck was only a free sample. Surely you didn’t think that a free sample was going to satisfy an NYC lunch appetite?
My trusty little Lineup for the day did show that the LCB Burger truck was once again in midtown and with the rain holding off, it was a sign from above that I should go get grass fed beef goodness!

Got to the truck and there was no line…still no rain too! Took a look at the menu and was pretty impressed that this was not just a burger truck. Sorry, but I was thinking Frites and Mites and Five Guys where its all burgers! Will now have to come back one day and try the cheesesteak!!
But today I came for a burger so I gotta get the burger right? Plus they were including the cheese and the caramelized onions…again unlike Frites N meats who charges 75 cents for almost every additional item and where the Kobe is $7.50. Sorry Frites N Mites but this article will get better for you guys…trust me. My only problem with the LCB menu was that I couldn’t see how many ounces the burger was given the way the menu was displayed. I asked the guy behind the counter to show me a patty and I became a happy camper – nice size!
I noticed they didn’t have french fries but a bag of “Smart Fries” instead….uh…ok? Had to get a bag right? Good thing I did as it resulted in the first perk ever for mentioning NYCtrucksandcarts.com – a free bag of smart fries! By the way…still no rain…see a trend here?
Back at the office and this is what things looked like:
I must say, I like the little sticker on the outside of their foil..oh very fancy!! LOL but I’m still wondering about these smart fries? Finally took a bite of the burger and was very happy. The burger was fresh and tasty. Very thick and juicy and actually thicker than a five guys burger! The onions were very tasty and the cheese was plentiful. The burger stayed nice and juicy the whole way through and it was cooked medium well, just the way I like it! But then came the rain…literally…outside and in my bag of smart fries. I should’ve known. Why would anyone put french fries in a bag? The only way to describe these things are by saying – think Wise Onion rings in the bag and the way they crunch. Think same thing but without the onion flavor…actually without any flavor! They were bland and boring even after dipping in ketchup! This my friends is where Frites N Mites gets the nod…see I told you it would get better for Frites N mites?
Overall, a very good burger for LCB..but seriously think about adding real fries to your menu. If not, you can always stop by a Mcdonalds, Wendys or a Burger King and pick up a 99 cent order of fries??


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