What’s For Lunch? Malaysian Kitchens Of The World!

Like a kid running from his bedroom on Christmas morning, I walked over to the Malaysian Kitchens Of The World Truck today as they were parked on 52nd & Sixth ave. I saw the lines in Chelsea were pretty long so I got there a little before noon. Lucky for me there was no line!

As advertised there were giving FREE SAMPLES…yes I said free!
Today on the menu was Mee Udang which looked like a broth with noodles in it & Beef Rendang.

Mee Udang was advertised as a broth flavored with shrimp and chicken. I’m not much of a soup guy so I skipped that and went for the Beef Rendang as they politely had a sign posted that read “One Sample Per Customer”. They served up the beef rendang with a nice little portion of turmeric rice which is known to be an Indian yellow rice. I just became a fan of tumeric rice after this sampling! They topped it all off with a slice of pineapple and cucumber. The beef was very tasty. All they would tell me is that its stewed with lots of spices…oh well! Was trying to get it out of them…but no luck!

A little bit of info on the Malaysian Kitchen Truck in case you haven’t heard about what the truck’s initiative is. The truck itself is not a store front as most food trucks in NY are. The purpose of the truck will be to raise awareness to Malaysian Cuisine in general. As per the marketing reps that were present at the truck, at the moment there aren’t any definitive plans for the truck to permanently be on the streets (boooo!!). You will however continue to see the truck around Manhattan and eventually Queens thru November 6th. During this time, each day, the truck will feature cuisine from a different local Malaysian restuarant. Some restaurants you might see are Fatty Crab, Jaya Malaysian, Laut Restaurant, and Penang to name a few. Today’s samples were served courtesy of Cafe Aesean which is on 10th street in Manhattan. My suggestion if you are liking their samples and want to have any say on whether they hit the streets permanently, everyone should show up and give them long lines everyday! The food was great…can’t wait to try them again next week! As I am writing this, I just received a message from them that they are out of Beef Rendang for the day…that’s a good sign NYC!! We love Malaysian Food!


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