What’s For Lunch? Bistro Truck!

There was a big part of me that wanted to visit the new Korilla Truck today. But I’ve been to new truck launches and they are usually chaos. It makes sense though. The worker’s haven’t gone through the process yet and if you start in midtown…you’re bound to run out of food! Korillabbq..I will see you later this week if not next week!

The calendar reads Monday and every time I go home on a Monday I say to myself “Damn it, today was mixed grill special day at Bistro Truck”. Ladies and Gentlemen..I won’t be saying that today.

Bistro Truck is usually parked on 5th avenue at 16th street. That might be a hike for midtowners like myself, but here are a couple of factors that went into allowing myself to travel there. A) I realized that the F train stops at 14th and that if you exit the train on in the back, you exit right onto 16th street. B) My co-worker gets the unlimited metrocard and never goes out for lunch….guess who borrowed that bad boy for 30 minutes? Put it all together and with the train in the lobby of my building, I’m walking one block (from 6th ave to 5th ave) and not paying a dime to go there from Rockefeller PLaza. A no brainer in my book!

I walked my one block from 16th & 6th ave over to 5th ave and found only 2 people on line. I forgot, this isn’t midtown…a 5 person long is probably a long line! As I mentioned before the mix grill special is typically on the menu only on Mondays unless they tweet otherwise (@bistrotruck). In my opinion I was taken back by the price – $10 for street meat. The guy that ordered in front of me asked for the price on the mixed grill and the tacos. He went with the merguez tacos for $7….but I don’t think that will fill him up.
Anyways, the mixed grill is a combination of four meats – Chicken, steak, lamb and merguez (lamb sausage). all of that over rice and tzatziki sauce with a small side of greens which is doused with balsamic vinegar. None of the meat is shredded like typical halal vendors. The meat is grilled and then chopped into cubes…think greek souvlaki and shish-kabobs if you are looking for texture or just take a look at my picture below!

All of the meats are grilled to perfection and all of them are well seasoned and make for a very exciting street meat experience. I don’t know how these guys didn’t win street-meat palooza…maybe because they weren’t midtown? The chicken beats any chicken from a halal vendor (sorry 53rd st!). The steak tasted a bit like skirt steak. The merguez was the pleasant surprise. It’s lamb sausage and doesn’t look too appealing at first. But once you have it, you will definitely feel otherwise. Aside from the distinct taste of lamb, it has some kick! A great addition to an already tasty meat platter. Mix in the balsamic vinegar from the greens and it actually all blends rather well! Other than the price ($10) this was hands down the best meat and rice platter I’ve had. Its street meant kicked up a notch!

Browsing their menu has already left me with an urge to go back. Definitely curious to see what the Bistro burger is all about!!


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