Congrats to Big Gay Ice Cream & Mexicue!

It looks like everyone is getting into the list making spirit! Today AM New York newspaper started a series of “Must Lists” and conveniently started with Eating and Drinking. A couple of our favorite trucks earned some interesting nods and appeared as “top of the list” in certain categories.
Big Gay Ice Cream was named “Best Food Truck Twittererer” (is twitterer a word?). I must admit there are plenty of Tweets that go out from Doug that do crack me up! The newspaper was kind enough to also mention that the “soft serve” ice cream was good too!


Mexicue also topped the list of “Taco Innovator”. Seems like the oak smoked short rib and house chorizo tacos sat well with the reviewers! Personally, I haven’t fallen in love with the Mexicue folks yet. I know its tough for them but they just don’t come to midtown as often for me to become infatuated with them. For me Eggstravaganza still quenches my taco thirst in midtown..although I do have to go see El Rey Del Sabor soon…hmm…maybe today’s the day! Congrats to Mexicue for earning top honors!



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