Ok Schnitzel..I Think I’ve Seen It All Now…

I took a look at my daily lineup today and noticed that Oleg and the crew from the Schnitzel Truck were by my office. I figure I had to go over and pay them a visit to get my Schnitzel fix…its been a while! Plus had to say hi to Oleg and get his autograph since he is not a TV star! When I got there, it was classic Schnitzel crowd! I saw the line and I
knew I was in for a half hour wait.

The truck had its typical attraction…another camera crew filming them. Its almost a guarantee, if you want to be filmed at lunch..go find the Schnitzel truck. This time a small TV channel from Argentina was doing a special on them for a food special they were airing. The “extremely polite” camer people didn’t want to tell me what channel or show. Oh well, their loss…could’ve helped their ratings!

As I was standing on line however I noticed a young lady come over in a white outfit and ask me what the line was for. I told her it was for a tremendous piece of meat that she would never find anywhere else at lunch. She smiled and said “good thing I work in a seafood restaurant!” She happen to be on a cigarette break and worked at Mcormick & Schmick’s, the seafood restaurant that happen to have the Schnitzel truck line formed in front of it on 52nd street. She obviously had never tried the truck as she just kept gazing at the line. After finishing her cigarette she disappeard back into the restaurant. Ten minutes later, I’m still on line, and I see this young lady again…this time with a co-worker. Wouldn’t you know they had come back outside with a nice sized plate of Rhode Island Calamari with toothpicks and started giving out samples to the people on the Schnitzel Truck line. Many people enjoyed the free sample and when they thanked the two young ladies they responded with the following…”there is no line or wait for this delicous food!”.

I was in awe! For all of the badgering and criticism that NY trucks take, here we had a well established restaurant trying to actually sway people off of a food truck line to go into their restaurant at lunch hour! I was almost in stitches laughing and proud at the same time. Today I saw a food truck become more powerful than a well established midtown restaurant! I have truly seen it all!!
For those wondering McCormicks & Schmick’s scored the following scores out of 30 from Zagat’s:
20 for food / 18 for decor / 20 for service. Avg price – $53
Schnitzel’s scores in NYCTrucksAndCarts survey 30-30-30-$10!

By the way…pork Schnitzel with french fries and cucumber salad was excellent as always!! Good to the last bite!


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