A Possible Cure For A Hangover!

There is a part of me that has pretty much given into the fact that the only thing that really excites me these days at work is a good lunch hour! Happy hours have become a thing of the past…those of you without children will learn that once you have them. But last night I allowed myself (well really my wife did) to mingle with my cohorts after hours and part-take in some inter-departmental bowling followed by some cocktails. Of course seeing as I don’t get out much anymore, the hangover was inevitable this morning. Actually it wasn’t so much of a hangover but more like hunger. As I reflect, beers, cocktails and shots don’t exactly make up a 3 course dinner? Upon thinking a bit more, I realized that I didn’t eat a thing yesterday after I downed Schnitzel for lunch!

Clearly I wasn’t waiting for lunch to hit the streets and a bagel was not going to do! I had to go find a food truck! I recall on my previous visits to Eggstravaganza that their breakfast menu looked pretty good! Of course their lunch is excellent…would they be able to throw down breakfast?
A look at their menu actually presents a temporary dillemma…what to get? For breakfast these guys are loaded! Pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes, what to do?


The picture of the “Home Made Pancakes” had me leaning towards that. But the Mexican wrap looked pretty good as well. The wrap had eggs, chorizo, bacon, onions, peppers, cheese and potatoes in it…very tempting! Their chorizo grilled cheese sandwhich looked like it packed a punch although I don’t think it would’ve filled me up. But previously when I was debating on what to do for breakfast, part of me wanted to go to a diner and get a Western Omelette so I asked them if they could do one for me. When it comes to breakfast, I don’t think there isn’t anything they can’t do in that little cart! I went ahead and got the Western Omelette, their special potatoes, and two slices of toast! The omelette was loaded with ham, onions, peppers, mushrooms and of course cheese. Just before he wrapped it up I told him to squirt a little hot sauce and ketchup over it. When it was all said and done the art work looked a little something like this:


There’s alot going on in that container so let me give you guys a closer look at the important stuff:

Can I tell you that this meal proably beat any meal that I could’ve gotten at any diner? But wait it gets better…this creation was only $5!! I don’t know of any diners in Manhattan where I can get an omelette, potatoes and toast for $5, do you? The meal was excellent. Lots of eggs, lots of onions and peppers and the potatoes were not overly seasoned. I’ve been to diners were they are and they just come out too salty. My only gripe was the toast. I think it was multigrain wheat toast. After the bountiful heap of calories and cholesterol in my container, why go healthy with that toast? It didn’t bother me much…still ate it..but I wouldn’t mind seeing white toast in the future.

Yes I said future…because I will be back for breakfast with these guys! I may not end up waiting for the next time I go out the night before because that might be too long of a wait! But one thing is for sure whether its to help with a hangover or not…breakfast is equally good if not better than lunch at this cart. If you haven’t tried either breakfast or lunch with Eggstravaganza, its time that you do!


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