Another “Big” Closing!!

No sooner than I just finished posting about Kelvin Slush Co closing for the winter I got a reminder that Big Gay Ice Cream is closing too for the winter with their last day being this Friday 10/29/10! But Doug from Big Gay Ice Cream can’t just go away selling his ice cream. No sir, that would be too easy and boring! He’s going out with a big bash being held Destination Bar. Not only that but he will be having the Souvlaki GR truck serving their wares as well as the Blackberry Torch TV star Ima and her Treats Truck. I am sure this is going to be one heck of a fun time just from the sounds of it. There is talk of tequila, chocolate chip and tzatziki shots!! Well maybe not but I am sure those ingredients will find their way into the mix somehow that night!
Maybe Kelvin Slush should throw a bash Saturday night as well with some fellow food trucks and we will all wake up Sunday from a dessert / food truck double hangover. Of course you know the answer for that…more street food!

I will say, you guys are killing me…I might have to squeeze both of you in this week somehow!! Double dessert for me..twist my arm right don’t you!!



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