New Week, New Truck – Korilla Time!

Well maybe they aren’t new to the street this week, but they’re new to my belly this week! I have no problem letting someone go without a look during their first week in operation and that goes for store fronts or carts & trucks. The obvious things come to mind – wait times as the proocess hasn’t played out, quality of food and of course in midtown quantity of food.
I went over to the guys at the Korilla truck and asked them how week one was. They all smiled and said “alot of people showed us alot of love!”. Good..maybe I will too?

Things started off well for my trip. Today they were parked on 46th street and 7th avenue. This is a spot that I haven’t seen any truck try to hold down. When I heard they would be there I thought, better get there quick because that is an iffy corner and they may get moved. Plus arriving there early pretty much assured me of no line. With that being said here was the line at 12:00pm on the dot:


I have to give it to these guys, their menu allows for you to go many ways with their lunch. Their four main dishes are Tacos, Burritos Chompers (mini sandwhiches) and Platters (AKA Bowls) but what you put in them is where the variety comes. Four choices of meat including tofu, 6 kimchee choices, 2 rice choices, and tons of veggies may make you forget what you were planning on ordering by the time you get to the window!

Today I went with the short rib (bulgogi) burrito. I added the bacon and kimchi fried rice for $1 extra, cucumber kimchee which was advertised as spicy and their Korilla sauce. For burritos they automatically throw in monterrey jack cheese and red leaf lettuce. As they were wrapping this I thought it was a pretty hefty burrito. I kept an eye for the guy wrapping to see if there would be a blowout but he managed to keep it neat!

Upon slicing it down the middle, here’s what it looked like:

The burrito is good, very good actually The rib-eye meat (bulgogi) is very tasty, tender and not rubbery the way I’ve experienced it some Korean eateries. The rice is sticky but also good. I was a bit disappointed in the cucumber kimchee…it tasted good but it was not at all spicy. I think the small bit of spiciness came from the Monterey Jack cheese which is always just a tease. Korilla sauce was tasty as well but if I knew I wasn’t getting any spice I would’ve gone with their house hot sauce. All in all it was a very tasty burrito…but my biggest complaint was where is the meat guys? There was alot of rice and very little meat in mine. Its a shame too because the meat was very tasty. I can see them wanting you to experience their kimchee, rice and sauces, but if you’re not getting filled up from the lack of meat then it might be best to try a bowl next time. That’s how I am leaving this review for now…good, but I might get the bowl for maximum Korilla-faction!


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