One Last Hurrah For Summer & Slush!

If you stayed indoors today in your office..shame on you! I’ll say it again…shame on you!! Today might very well be the highest that the mercury will reach until who knows..April? Maybe May? So I took a stroll just to see how midtown was doing.
Lines were everywhere! 53rd street halal…Eddies Pizza Truck, Schnitzel and Things and even Jamaican Dutchy had a litte line going! I opted for a beef patty from Jamaican Dutchy as I didn’t want to feel too full today. It was gorgeous out, who wanted to feel stuffed and blah!?

As I was getting the goods at the Dutchy truck, Kelvin Slush tweeted that they were at 22nd and 5th avenue. What a perfect excuse to go for a long walk! There couldn’t have been a better scenario to go hike 25 block than for a slush!! I took the direct route – 5th avenue all the way down! It was just a picture perfect day as everyone was out. On my way down I walked by Treats Truck on 38th street, Rafiquis van on 39th street and the Desi Truck which was in the 30s somewhere.
Finally after all of the sun after 25 sun soaked blocks, the sun rays revealed before my squinting eyes…

The big K was like a mirage in the desert! I had reached my destination. To my surprise there was only one person on line. But then again, not too many people have slush for lunch? Alex at the truck seemed like he was in a great mood. I would be too if I was about to be on vacation for a few months and I was on the verge on completing one heck of a rookie season on the food truck season! This truck accomplished alot of great things including rookie of the year at the Vendy Awards this year!
I needed something to keep me busy for the long trek back so I ordered a medium citrus slush and added mango, pineapple and guava mix-ins. I couldn’t help it, the weather had me feeling tropical. If I didn’t have on my work duds, I would’ve thrown on flip flops and a floral print shirt and some tanning lotion!

Alex was nice enought to chat it up and mentioned how he couldn’t have asked for a better year. We both agreed that the more trucks out there the better! There’s truth to strength in numbers and I believe that the more carts and trucks that are out there, the more that people will come out in support of them! Its kind of a bummer that the summer trucks are closing for the winter. That just means there will be less trucks out there! Kelvin Slush is closing on Saturday and plans on returning next spring. This winter he will be working on some new ideas and recipes for the truck and beyond!

Now about that slush! I had to take it slow at the beginning as I was extememely excited at the way it looked that I caught some brain freeze a number of times! Once about a quarter of the way into it however all the flavors started to get along nicely in the playground that was my cup. First the tangy pineapple…then the sweetness of the Guava, finally the candy sweetness of the mango proclaimed its presence! All of this as the slush started to melt and allowed me to gulp rather than just sip. No brainfreeze from this point on, just smiles and “ahhhhssss”!
If I didn’t tell you enough yesterday or today these guys are closing on Saturday. If today didn”t convince you enough then look at the clock. Your headed towards midafternoon…the perfect recipe for Kelvin Slush! Go get slushed at work…and visit the kings of NY Slush!



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