Tuesday Morning Tweets!

Mondays are usually full of news and updates as our food truck operators have had the chance to sit back during the weekend and come up with updates and new announcements. I thought I would start to share some of the tidbits that we’ve heard from Twitter on Tuesday morning from either over the weekend or on Monday’s. So without further ado…here’s we go with Tuesday Morning Tweets!

– Taim Mobile announced that they put the final touches on their menu for their food truck and hope to launch their truck service in a week or two!

-Papa Perrone Announced that they will not be out on Monday & Tuesday due to the truck being in the shop for repairs.

-Did you know that you can have a hand in deciding where Korilla BBQ parks the next day. Go to their website to cast a vote for your neighborhood.

Malaysian Kitchens Of The World has been giving away free samples for weeks now. But you pretty much have to get there within an hour of them opening up. Can you guys put out more samples?? We just love your food!

-As reported yesterday, Kelvin Slush will be slush-slinging for the last time on Saturday October 30th. They already announced their location for that day – 14th street between 3rd and Irving. Reminds me of the good old Palladium Night club!

– And for those of you that hate commercials…be on the lookout for the latest BlackBerry Torch commercial. There’s about 15 seconds of foootage from Kim Ima from the Treats Truck announcing how she loves the Blackberry Torch!


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