Friday Night & Weekend Edition!

I’ve gotten several requests and emails about Friday night spots and weekend eats from our beloved trucks and carts. Believe it or not they do exist! I will try and keep up with them over the weekend by posting them here. This post will be the lead post all weekend til Monday morning. I will just keep updating it throughout the weekend.

As always if anyone has any questions or suggestions (like this one) feel free to email me or tweet me and I will try my best to get right back to you!



Big Gay Ice Cream is in the Lower East Side celebrating the close of his successful 2010 campaign wit ha huge party at Destination Bar! Here’s the info:
October 29, 2010
Avenue A and 13th Street, based around Destination Bar.
Sovlaki Truck and Treats Truck will also be alongside Big Gay Ice Cream at the same time!

Eddie’s Pizza Truck will be serving Friday night dinner on 5th avenue b/w 18th & 19th streets til 8:00pm!


Frites & Mites will be serving dinner from 4-8pm at Greenwhich & Chambers streets:

-Mimi & Coco NY while they aren’t officially a truck or cart will be slinging their famous Teriyaki Balls at the Madison Avenue Street Fair. These girls are aspiring to start their own food cart but what better way to get into the swing of things than a food fair! Look for the red tent and these girls on Madison Ave b/w 52nd & 53rd streets to try their yummy teriyaki balls! You can also follow them on Twitter – @MimiandCoco_NY

Mexicue will be serving up yummy tacos at the End of Season Hester St. Food Fair on the corner of Hester & Essex in the Lower East Side!


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