What’s For Lunch? The Steak Truck!

Some people rave about Cheessteaks. I admit, they’re good, but nothing to go crazy over. Someone offered up Carl’s Cheesesteak’s as an option for lunch today and I must admit it intrigued me. But then I got that same nagging feeling that I normally get when I see a cheesesteak on a menu – is it really steak or steakumm? Sorry but when I see those five letters together -STEAK- I am looking for something, meaty, juicy and tasty. Clearly, I didn’t get Carl’s but then had to find a substitute as the craving sore steak was now growing. I’ve read about the Streak Truck in a few places but I remember these guys as being halal meat guys that happened to have way too many things on the menu. But from what I’ve heard recently, things have changed….off I went to 47th & Park Ave.

Got there and guess what..no line. I’ve been on a roll lately with finding no lines…maybe cold weather isn’t so bad after all? I saw their menu and this thing was enormous. Had to capture it in two pictures to get a good view of it!!

I truly did not know what to get. I had quite a few options here that I could go with! I decided with the Steak Truck sandwhich for $6 – 1/b of steak on a sandwhich??? Wow! And french bread to boot…not Italian? Huh? Turns out these guys bake their own french bread right on the truck! Impressive I thought. I was concerned a bit with the smell of halal meat spice coming out of the truck. Nothing wrong with that but if that’s what i was in the mood for then I would’ve gone else where. Take it from me, don’t let the smell scare you away. I added waffles to the mix for $2. I was feeling good about things until the guy helping went to package the food. He had the steak sandwhich and fries in a little red and white cardboard tray that reminded me of fish and chips at a beach food stand. He took the tray and place it in a brown bag with no cover or foil or anything over the sandwhich or fries? I thought to myself…is this stuff going to stay warm for my walk back to the office?
When I got back I took the steak and fries out of the bag and here’s what it looked like –
I was impressed…the food stayed warm, maybe I had one heck of a fast panic walk going on? I wanted to get a good look at the meat. He had thrown onions, peppers, and hot sauce on the sandwhich. But I saw a slice of cheese in there? I don’t think I orered cheese? Oh well! The meat was definitely not steak-umm. We had some serious chunks of meat in the sandhich. It also was juicy and very tasty.

I will say that my initial bites gave me instant halal food hints. The halal taste was not overwhlelming at all and I was able to enjoy the steak with the peppers and onions. The steak was meaty and a couple of the pieces were a little tough. But after small struggles, the flavor made it worth the while. The french bread was a pleasant surpise. This roll was very cripsy and very good. Clearly, it was fresh and it tasted as such. One of the better breads that I’ve had for a sandwhich in a while. The fries were your typical waffle fries but they complemeted the steak pretty well. A good side dish for an extra $2!

All in all the Steak Truck was a very pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed over by them but I must say they deserve alot of props for what they’re doing over there. This was a very good steak sandwhich – meaty, juicy and tasty!


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