Uncle Gussy’s In Hot Water Means Free Food!

Cops in midtown are getting way out of hand! They have been on a rampage lately when it comes to moving food trucks from their daily spots. The recent victim of someone’s agenda is Uncle Gussy’s Greek Cuisine. These guys have always parked on 51 street & Park Avenue and always have alot of customers. Previously they would sell their food from a food cart but over the summer, they upgraded their operation to a truck to get in on the craze of food trucks that has gripped NYC.

This week, a certain cop in the midtown north precinct has decided to go after Uncle Gussy’s truck in a similar way that they went after Schnitzel Truck and other trucks in the precinct’s territory.

As a result of this and until they figure out how they will proceed with their operation, Uncle Gussy has decided to give away all of the food that they have left. They were told that they cannot vend food from a truck occupying a metered spot. Therefore, UG has decided that they can’t stop him from giving the food away and that is his plan today, Thursday 11/4/10! Anything he has left will be given away! If you want to see what your options are, here is their menu. I will warn however, they may not be giving away everything on the menu – therefore go over to them with a couple of options!

UG will most likely take resume their operations via the cart that they previously had. This would be their short term fix as their concern is not losing their liscense. This doesnt mean the truck is retired all together. They will be working to look for new spots to park and may just have to start looking outside of midtown north, which of course would be a tragedy for the great lunchers of that area…like me! Will keep you posted as we learn more information, in the mean time…go visit them for free food!


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