NYC Parks Is Looking For Food Trucks/Carts In Parks

I subscribe to the NYC Parks department website and they do a pretty good job in sending out updates on events happening in and around NYC parks. This morning I received an interesting email from them saying that they were looking for food carts and trucks to park at NYC parks. We’ve already seen them allow Rickshaw Dumping Truck and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck have locations in Central Park by Tavern onf the Green. This must be going over very well if they are looking to add more!

For those out there that might be looking for a weekend spot or maybe an after hours spot – here is your chance! There is an email address to reach out to included in the email, if you’re interested, drop them a line!
I always say, the more food carts and trucks out the better! Here is the text of the email that I received this morning:

“The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (Parks) is currently seeking suggestions for locations for specialty food carts and trucks on city parkland in all five boroughs.
In New York City, a person can walk down any street and find food from all corners of the globe, to suit all palates. Parks aspires to extend this bounty of flavor into the city’s green spaces. Specifically, Parks is looking to permit mobile food units (pushcarts, processing carts, and mobile food trucks) with menus that are inventive, interesting, and serve a variety of options beyond hot dogs and pretzels, whether it’s an assortment of healthful, fresh salads to people on the go or hot and cold delicacies from a distant homeland.
If you have suggestions for possible locations for specialty food carts and trucks, we’d love to hear from you. Please send your ideas by email to and make sure to include the name of the park, the exact cross streets (if applicable), and what type of unit (pushcart, processing cart, or mobile food truck) you think would work best for that location. Although we can’t promise that every location suggested will be offered in a future Request for Proposals, we’ll definitely make sure to check out your ideas.
We look forward to hearing from you, and we appreciate your assistance in contributing to the flourishing food culture of New York!”


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